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Chaires Elem. dedicates Holocaust memorial butterfly garden

Lanetra Bennett, WCTV News

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — Chaires Elementary School in Tallahassee is honoring Holocaust victims and survivors.

Friday, students, staff, administrators, and Superintendent Rocky Hanna hosted a dedication for a memorial garden.

It’s inspired by a poem written by a holocaust survivor who described not being able to see butterflies while in a concentration camp.

Teachers say the garden will not only be a place to learn how to grow things, but also to remember lessons learned from the Holocaust.

Fifth grader, Anna Caulkins, said, “Butterflies are special. They should be free. So should humans be.”

Jordan Whittier, 5th grade, said, “Nobody should ever not see a butterfly in their lifetime.”

Naomi Buchanan, 5th grade, said, “It’s very pretty and amazing, that honors people that have been through the Holocaust and also people that have survived.”

Rance Grace, 5th grade, said, “Trying to get all of that stuff in order took very hard work. But, it all paid off.”

Chaires Elementary started a Holocaust workshop last summer.
Superintendent Hanna says next year, other schools will do the same.

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