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We remember who they were

Michael Berenbaum Presentation – 11/17/22

2022 Remembrance Dinner Gallery

2021 Remembrance Dinner Gallery

10th Anniversary Remembrance Dinner Keynote Speaker

HERC Uhlfelder honored with the 2021 Holocaust Remembrance Award

Steve Uhlfelder Remembrance Award Testimonial

Holocaust Remembrance Day

2019 Remembrance Dinner

Legislative Award Honoring Senator Bill Montford

Susan Turner

Sen. Bill Montford HERC Tribute

Why We Must Never Forget

Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust Education Week 2019

2018 Remembrance Dinner

Rita Blank Founders’ Award 2018

Requiem of Resistance 2017

2015 Dinner, The World Must Know, Guest Speaker:
Dr. Michael Berenbaum – Gallery

Photos By Elizabeth E. George 


Liberators Dinner Photos

By: Elizabeth E. George [AFG_gallery id=’1′]

Teachers Workshop October 2013 Gallery

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Kristallnacht Dinner November 2013 Gallery

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The Holocaust Education Resource Council has been established as a Non-Profit Organization to sponsor the Annual Student Holocaust Essay/Art Contest, Teacher Training Workshops, and community outreach.

Less than $1.00 is allotted for each student annually in the State of Florida for education of the Holocaust. It is nearly impossible for students to grasp the material and understand its relevance with inadequate curriculum, training and supplies. It is imperative our future generations recognize the danger of prejudice and hate and instead approach others with respect and acceptance.