Teaching Trunk Program

Each trunk will contain specially curated lesson plans and materials to be used by teachers when teaching about the Holocaust.


4 Different Trunks

  • High School Trunk
  • Antisemitism & Propaganda Trunk
  • Elementary School Trunk
  • Middle School Trunk

Why are these Trunks Important?

  • Ensures that teachers are properly equipped to meet the Holocaust Education mandate
  • Provides high-quality resources to underserved student populations

Trunk Descriptions:

Elementary Trunk: A trunk designed for K-5 teachers, with the following materials available:
  • Number the Stars by Lois Lowry (class set)
  • Twenty and Ten by Claire Hutchet Bishop
  • Benno and the Night of Broken Glass by Meg Wiviott
  • The Terrible Things by Eve Bunting
  • Say Something by Peggy Moss
  • Passage to Freedom by Ken Mochizuki
  • The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf
  • The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco
  • Lesson activities and materials to accompany each book, as well as character education lessons
Middle School
  • The Diary of Anne Frank: The Play*
  • Friedrich by Hans Peter Richter*
  • The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen*
  • …I never saw another butterfly…
  • Parallel Journeys by Eleanor Ayer
  • Ten Thousand Children
  • The Upstairs room
  • Daniel’s Story
  • Holocaust History Timeline Activity
  • Holocaust History Poster Set
  • Lessons about topics related to the Holocaust and its history

*Teachers may select up to 2 class sets for the trunk rental period

High School
  • Night by Elie Wiesel (class set)
  • On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder
  • Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi
  • Holocaust History Timeline Activity
  • Lessons about topics related to the Holocaust and its history
Antisemitism and Propaganda Trunk
  • Linked by Gordon Korman (class set)
  • On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder (10 copies)
  • State of Deception Poster Set
  • Holocaust History Timeline Cards w/ the Racial Science extension
  • Lessons about the history of antisemitism, contemporary antisemitism, as well as propaganda in relation to antisemtism and the Holocaust.

Trunk Request Form

    Type of Trunk

    Request and Return Date

    Is this a Title 1 School

    Will the trunk benefit underserved youth?

    How Much?

    Each trunk contains appropriate lesson plans and valuable books and materials that can be used by teachers. The cost to assemble each trunk is $1,100. Help support more trunks with a donation today!​

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    Teaching Trunks Rental Guidelines

    1. Trunks may be borrowed for up to 4 weeks on a single rental. After that period the trunk rental will need to be renewed on an “as-available” basis. During the rental period, trunks may be used by multiple teachers at a school site.*
    2. There is no charge to rent or use the materials in a trunk
    3. The contents of each Teaching Trunk can be found on our website. A list will also be provided with each trunk at pick up, and renters will be required to cross-check materials and sign the checklist upon receipt of the trunk materials. The renter will have 48 hours after receipt of the trunk to contact us regarding any missing or damaged items. If no notice is received it will be presumed that all indicated materials are present and in acceptable condition.
    4. Teaching Trunks must be picked up at the Holocaust Education Resource Council by 4:30 pm on the scheduled day of pick up and dropped off no later than 4:30 on the agreed upon return date.**
    5. All materials must be returned to HERC in the same condition that they were received in. A late return or damaged materials (beyond normal wear and tear) may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges and the replacement cost of materials.
    6. The renter acknowledges that the Teaching Trunk and all of the materials contained within are the property of the Holocaust Education Resource Council, and agrees to use the materials as they would their own materials. The renter agrees to use all materials in accordance with all applicable laws, including federal copyright law. The renter additionally agrees to use the materials only for educational purposes unless the receive prior written consent from the Holocaust Education Resource Council.
    7. The Holocaust Education Resource Council shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to property or injury that may arise from use of and / or transporting the Teaching Trunks. The renter hereby releases the Holocaust Education Resource Council from any claim, loss, liability, damage, or expense that may be incurred by the renter as a result of using / transporting the Teaching Trunk.

    To download our guidelines click here

    *If multiple teachers will be using the trunk, please ensure that this is disclosed in the rental inquiry form prior to submission. This information ensures we are able to accurately measure how the trunks are being used and ensure that we are able to continue to provide this service in the future.

    **Please contact our education coordinator, Danielle Ponzio, at educator@holocaustresources.org if you have special circumstances that prevent you from picking up the trunk.

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