About HERC

Our Mission

Holocaust Education Resource Council (HERC) provides instructional guidance, support and resources for educators who teach the history of the Holocaust, and educational programs for the community at large.

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Our History

HERC was founded by Barbara Goldstein and Rita Miller Blank, two women whose parents were Holocaust survivors.

When Barbara and Rita met in Tallahassee, the State of Florida required schools to teach a Holocaust curriculum. As they visited classrooms throughout Tallahassee sharing their parents’ stories, it became evident that the curriculum lacked uniformity. Unfortunately, the mandated curriculum was unfunded and educators were not supplied with the lesson plans or supporting materials necessary to communicate the scale of history’s most well-documented atrocity. Even today, there is less than $1.00 per student allotted annually for education on the Holocaust.

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In 2006, Barbara and Rita became co-chairs of the Tallahassee Holocaust Education Program, established by the National Council of Jewish Women’s local chapter.

Working in tandem, they launched teacher education programs that made an immediate impact. Partnerships with the Florida Commission on Human Relations and the Leon County School District allowed these programs to thrive.

“I remember telling my children that one day it would be up to us to tell my parents’ stories of their Holocaust experience. For me, that time came too quickly.”

– Rita Miller Blank,
   HERC Vice President and Co-Founder

The success of the Holocaust Education Program led Barbara and Rita to establish HERC, with the goal of providing guidance and support for students, teachers and the community to learn about the Holocaust and the importance of tolerance.

In 2007, HERC established the first countywide Holocaust essay contest . Students are prompted to write about the role of hatred and prejudice during the Holocaust and the importance of tolerance and respect in ensuring that such a horrific event will never take place again.

In the years since its inception, HERC has grown to host community events and programs , establish a dedicated group of volunteers to support education initiatives, and build a library of public resources to support educators.

Today, HERC enters a new chapter as it expands its mission to support Holocaust education throughout Florida’s Panhandle.

Today, HERC facilitates Holocaust education workshops conducted by specialists who provide educators with training and materials to take back to their classrooms.

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