} HERC History Timeline


Rita Blank and Barbara Goldstein develop a strategy for expanding Holocaust teaching in the Leon School system under the umbrella of the local chapter of the National Council on Jewish Women

2006 - 2007

Superintendent Montford endorses the first Holocaust Teacher Training Workshop

1st annual student Holocaust Essay Contest and City Hall ceremony


HERC is established as a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer organization

Historical photographs are displayed in thirty locations for Holocaust awareness campaign


Tallahassee Young Actors Theatre features “Diary of Anne Frank” with Holocaust Survivors Cookbook fundraiser

Florida House of Representatives issues proclamation formally recognizing HERC

Leon County Board of County Commissioners issues resolution for Rita Blank and Barbara Goldstein’s work with HERC

HERC Interfaith Book Club is established

2013 - 2015

Florida Legislature House of Representatives issues a Holocaust Remembrance Proclamation

The HERC Resource Office is established at Tallahassee Community College


Teacher Trunks Initiative is created in January to provide to elementary schools books on Holocaust history

HERC Board members and local teachers go to Poland for Holocaust education

HERC supports Chiles High School Museum and a field trip to the Holocaust Museum funded by Leon County Schools Foundation Grant


School board approves the School Outreach Initiative for trained volunteers to teach about Holocaust history in classrooms

Milestone: at least one educator from every Leon County public school has attended a teacher training workshop


Florida Legislature expands Holocaust education requiring teachers to include lessons on anti-semitism

Superintendent Hanna issues Partners in Excellence Award recognizing HERC efforts in the schools

HERC funds Florida Holocaust Museum trip for board members and teachers


Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum and HERC create a special exhibit of the Holocaust

Local business leader, Ken Boutwell, pledges a $60,000 Challenge Grant with dollar-for-dollar match contribution


Florida legislature appropriates $300,000 to HERC for panhandle expansion

The Boutwell Challenge Grant achieves goal of raising $120,000

Sachs Media conducts and publishes a nationwide Holocaust Awareness survey to underscore relevance of HERC mission

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    Stay Informed About Our Latest News and Events