For Educators

Teaching Trunk Program

Each trunk will contain specially curated lesson plans and materials to be used by teachers when teaching about the Holocaust.

At the root of HERC’s mission is an effort to empower and equip educators with the knowledge and tools they need to teach students about the Holocaust and the value of tolerance. Because the subject matter is heavy and students learn in different ways, HERC offers educators a wealth of resources including lesson plans, multimedia materials and information about events and exhibits.

Educators can attend HERC’s workshops and training sessions to better understand
the Holocaust, its history and the best ways to teach it.

Background for Educators

Holocaust education is mandated for Florida students, but educator training is neither standardized nor universal. Below are suggested background materials and lesson plans for educators teaching different grade levels.

Once you have reviewed these materials, visit the media center to find age-appropriate suggestions for books, films and other resources.

Stay Informed About Our Latest News and Events

    Stay Informed About Our Latest News and Events